Matt Davies Harmony Communities Uncovers How to Avoid the Most Common Holiday Pet Travel Mistakes


The holiday time is coming, where family and friends will come to reunite, cherish traditions, and appreciate each other’s companionship. Furthermore, thousands of dogs travel with their owners to celebrate the holidays with their loved ones. But how can you prevent vacation pet travel blunders? When you are on the road, little errors might spell tragedy. So, whether you are a seasoned pet traveler or embarking on your first pet-friendly journey, these tips by Matt Davies Harmony Communities ensure an enjoyable and safe trip.

Travel Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Get Early Bookings- Being stalled before you even travel might be a devastating setback over the holidays. When you’re going by rental car, train, or plane, make your bookings as soon as possible. Make it very obvious that you are traveling with a pet. Regarding pet bookings, necessary documents, and cost, airline pet rules vary. Moreover, pet regulations for rental automobiles differ widely as well. So, gather all the information upfront and record your talk if there are questions afterward.

  1. Training Session- The dog cannot understand; however, it must not prevent you from traveling with your four-legged loved ones. However, there are a handful of items you could accomplish to ensure your vacation is more pleasurable for both of you. Invest some time with your dog learning loose-leash walking, avoiding leaping on people, and resting calmly by your chair at a cafe to ensure he’s on his finest behavior whenever it counts.

  1. Failure To Upgrade Pet Id Tags or Microchips- When traveling with a pet, there is constantly the possibility that the pet may get apart from you and get lost. When your pet is frightened and in a strange environment, their greatest chance of rapidly returning to you comes down to information. A strong pet leash or collar, an ID tag, and a chip with updated contact information are required.

  1. Spoiling Is Not Good- Going on vacation is an excellent reason to indulge in foods you would never eat otherwise. That is alright for you; however, it’s a terrible decision for your pet. Offering new meals to your dog might create unpleasant gastrointestinal discomfort for both of you. Adhere to your pet’s regular meals, and keep feeding him on his regular schedule while you are gone.

  1. Buckle Up- It is essential to utilize a seat belt harness or strapped container for your pet in the vehicle for his and your protection. To ensure a comfortable journey, begin getting your pet accustomed to his container or collar long before you leave.

  1. Manners Are Important- Nobody ruins a day quicker than discovering that your pet’s activity is causing stress. When your dog can not stop rummaging through the garbage, barking, or leaping at the kids, you’ll devote more effort to preventing him from mischief than spending time with your friends and family.

  1. Missing The Pet Medical Certificate- If you’ve never traveled with a pet previously, you might be surprised to learn that pets onboard flights must have a valid medical certificate. In most situations, medical certificates that would need current pet immunizations should be obtained by a qualified veterinarian who checked the pet within ten days of departure. Before purchasing a ticket, you should be informed of any health and age restrictions imposed by the airline.


Traveling with a furry friend is pleasurable and beautiful, but it also adds a lot of unneeded tension. Do not worry; you could be a wise traveler and have a great time as long as you prevent these frequent pet travel blunders. Consider this advice from Matt Davies Harmony Communities to make the most of your vacation trip with your dog.